Every student faces this dilemma question of “Now what”, ‘what next’ after class 12th and 10th, which stream should I opt for? The confusion starts after high school when it comes to deciding a stream, and then, to decide the graduation course!

Nowadays competition has increased and thus students are under a lot of pressure – pressure to academically perform, pressure to gain fame and money and to ultimately lead a good life. The one common aspect that can help students achieve all this is through the choice of one’s career. It is a decision that is usually taken under societal or parental pressure. Though, one must seek proper guidance and career counseling to make the correct decision. Career counseling is actually very beneficial for students, and certainly there are many reasons it is crucial:

Aptitude:Career counseling helps an individual realize his or her true aptitude. While at a starting level, most students perform evenly across subjects. Aptitude tests or I would rather say psychometric tests conducted by counselors; bring out evidently the strong academic areas of a particular student. This helps the individual to make an informed decision when choosing subjects for further studies and making career choices. Guidance: Manier times, students grow up with preconceived notions – “I should become a space researcher, since my father is lawyer so I should also join law”. Good career counseling can give right direction to these notions, and gives a reality check to the student so that he can view himself for the individual that he really is.

Avoid Confusion: Usually, students haven’t developed a clear idea of what they’d want to be and where they want to pursue their studies by the time they’re due to make those decisions. This isn’t basically due to any lack of interest; it’s just that one is simply too young. Proper career counseling leads to clarity of thought in a student which in turn helps to identify areas of interests, opt for the appropriate subjects, and finally, take the decision of the right career. Career Relation to Education: It can also be possible that a student has decided on a particular career, but is unsure of how he or she can qualify for it academically. Now we have entrance exams for mostly all the courses. Seeking counseling helps to put things in proper perspective.

What’s the trend: possibly the most important aspect of career counseling is to simplyknowwhat career options are available and are in trend? Say, a student has great flair for designing. It is important that the student or individual is well informed about the future of taking designing as a career. Lack or improper information will let the student or individual abandon his intellect and talent. Saddest part is that, career counseling is often overlooked & ignored by students, parents and institutions alike.

How career counseling works

Career counseling involves scientifically developed psychometric and personality tests that help the expert counselor give the best suited career advice to the student based on the report of his personality and aptitude. We are all born with unique talents and personalities and this talent can never be measured. Everyone has his or her own strengths, weaknesses and thus areas of improvements. The key is to identify these unique qualities is through career counseling.