Mr. Tahir Junaid Butt

Mr. Butt is head of Our Visa Manager, a brand name of Global- Ed. He is a veteran of Study Abroad field in Pakistan and has a career spanning over 20 years. Started out with sending students from Pakistan to pursue their international education goals to countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA. Far sighted and experienced, he believes in giving the best options to students for study abroad. Educated from the US, counselling is his passion. Today, he specializes in foreign education to countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA.

Quote: "We believe in delivering highest standards of service and advice to all our clients. Over 90% of our new clients happen to be friends and relatives of our satisfied customers and their referrals."

USP: Mr. Butt specializes in dealing with genuine cases that have been previously declined or have faced issues. He boasts of a glorious record where he has been able to assist applicants who had lost all hope after multiple declines. Testimonials on Our Visa Manager’s Facebook page and our website stands as evidence of his ability in this area.

Mr. Kamran Hussain

Mr. Hussain has more than 20 years of experience in drafting Student Admission applications, Statements of Purpose, Visa applications for New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada and other European countries.

Mr. Ali Ayaz

IAA, NZ LICENSE NO: 201600209

Our Visa Manager is proud to have Mr. Ayaz as a "Panel Adviser" for all our New Zealand Visa Applications. He belongs to a family with a Business and Law background and has helped hundreds of immigrants and students achieve their dreams.

Mr. Ayaz is a fully licensed immigration adviser, specialising in all facets of immigration matters in New Zealand. He has the following qualifications:

  • Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice- Level- 7 from New Zealand.

  • Education New Zealand Trained Agent (ENZ).

  • Certified Financial Consultant from IFC, USA.

  • BS- Computer Science.

  • MBA.

  • MS- Finance.

  • PGD Islamic Banking and Finance.